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This website is trade only- if you require access please contact us to register. If you are are an end customer, please visit our retail website, www.fairygoodies.co.uk

Georgetown: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden

We're delighted to introduce the Georgetown range of miniature fairy gardens under the brand name Fiddlehead. These wonderful outdoor suitable miniature fairy houses and gardens have been a huge hit in the USA and we believe the same will happen here. The range is intricately detailed, great quality, well presented and great value. Most houses are hollow and can have LED tealights inside to make the windows light up.
The Fiddlehead range is suitable for indoor use, and is also perfect for outdoor display. Many people use a planter, wheel barrow or half barrel to form a specific shape of village, which then contains houses, roads, walls and garden ornaments. The initial delivery will contain just houses, but we will shortly be introducing a full range of accessories and add-ons to complement the buildings.
The first major shipment will arrive in the UK late July. At present, as we have no specific delivery date, we are not allowing ordering online. If you wish to order any of the items shown below please contact us by phone or email and we will add your order to the first available stock shipment.

Wholesale Fairy Wings

Wholesale Fairy Wings from Fairygoodies: our wings are unique designs, produced to our own specifications. They're suitable for adults as well as children and all our fairy wings feature plenty of glitter! Elastic straps are colour coordinated and the wings come packed in polybags with a full colour header card.
We supply our fairy wings singly- there's no case size. All wings are CE approved for ages three and above.

Wholesale Fairy Wands

A range of fairy wands to match our Fairygoodies Fairy Wings- sparkly, colourful and great value! Each wand is coordinated with the wings and features several coloured ribbons. The handle is wrapped in ribbon to match the colour of the wings and there's plenty of glitter!
CE approved for ages 3+. No case size- order as many or as few as you want, providing you meet our overall minimum order requirements.

Wholesale Fairy Dust

We're the brand owner for Fairy Dust. Manufactured in the UK, our Fairy Dust is the highest quality, approved by both the EU and the US Federal Drugs Agency for cosmetic use. Now with 9 colours, including silver and gold, plus new labels which unlike the old ones don't peel off (!) it's a great value product which sells and sells.
Available in wholesale packs of 36 or 108, or gift sets of 3 bottles.

Wholesale Feather Boas

Wholesale feather boas, all 1.9m long, in either 40g Standard, 80g De-Luxe or 120g Super weights.

Wholesale Floral Head Garlands & Flower Headbands

Wholesale Floral Headbands and Flower Head Garlands for boutiques, festivals and events. High quality, unusual designs of flower head garlands from Poppy Daisy. The range is produced in their own factory in China and they have complete control of the process. Workers are employed directly and are paid over double the average wage for the area.

Wholesale Fairy Tutus

Every fairy needs at least one tutu! Our high quality fairy tutu skirts are designed and made especially for us by a costume specialist. Each tutu has a lycra tube skirt with elasticated waist, and four layers of netting, one solid colour, and three with sequins or glitter on for added sparkle. The top layer of netting is cut into petal shapes and the points of the petals dance when in motion.
Our tutus are available in three sizes, from ages five upwards, and in six colours. They're long lasting and great value so no matter what type of fairy you are, there's something here for you!

Wholesale Feather Fans

A range of feather fans in a wide choice of colours at wholesale price.

Glitter Tattoo Kits

Two glitter tattoo kits, one with a fairy theme and one with a girlie theme. Each kit contains 10 reusable stencils, 6 pots of glitter, glue, two brushes, and of course instructions. Both kits comply with both the CE and Cosmetics Regulations and are designed to look good on a shelf, but can of course also be used by a tattoo artist to provide glitter tattoos at an event.

Personitas Worry Dolls, Wishing Fairies and Angels

The Personitas range of Worry Dolls, Wishing Fairies and Pocket Angels are made by hand in Colombia by a family run business. Using carefully selected materials chosen for quality each doll is individually made in Colombia before being packed into their little bags in the UK. Each Worry Doll and Wishing Fairy comes supplied with a little cloth drawstring bag in a complementary colour. Please note that colours may vary slightly.

The Fairy Family/ISISS Fairy Figurines

The Fairy Family are a collection of decorative fairies, ethically produced in Thailand. The arms and legs are posable, and each fairy comes supplied with a fine golden thread loop from which it can be suspended. In addition all models have small magnets hidden in the soles of their shoes, and are supplied with a small metal leaf which acts as a stand.

The range is supplied in display cartons made from recycled card, which has a Eurohook tab. We act as the UK distributor and designer, working in partnership with the brand owner in Thailand to develop a range for the UK market. Worldwide, the fairies are known by their Thai brand name, ISISS fairies.

The fairies are produced in an ethically managed factory in Thailand where the predominantly female workforce is drawn from rural areas (where poverty is worst) and encouraged to work from home where they can look after their families better. The production company pays a proportion of yearly profits into a social development fund run in partnership with the Royal Thai government.
Please note these are decorative items for house decoration, not toys, and should not be given to small children due to small parts.

Wholesale Fairy Gifts

Fairy Wishing Coins and Fairy Jewellery.


A new range of five naturally scented sprays to counter night terrors in children. Reassuring names such as Beastie Banisher, Ghost-Away and De-Monsterising Spray calms the child at bedtime and the scent allows him or her to go to sleep relaxed. Supplied in a mixed counter display of 25pcs.

Butterfly Garlands

Pack of 12 butterfly garlands, in assorted colours. Each garland hangs approximately 1.8m down and is made from a translucent plastic line with real feather butterflies at regular intervals, interspersed with plastic gems and with a coloured plastic weight at the bottom. Designed to be hung as a room decoration, these butterfly garlands come in a pack of 12- 3 pink, 3 purple, two blue, two turquoise, one gold and one copper.

Trade Catalogue & Resources

Point Of Sale, Trade Catalogue, and Information Sheets

This website is trade only- if you require access please contact us to register. If you are are an end customer, please visit our retail website, www.fairygoodies.co.uk