Fairy Garden Figures

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''Don't Piss Off The Fairies'' Troll

Our Fiddlehead Troll has a friendly message for you: Don't Piss Off The Fairies. Just in case you needed reminding...

Baby Dragons- set of 3 (Fiddlehead)

Three cute baby dragons to liven up a miniature garden- each 5cm tall and made from resin. One each in red, green and blue.

Bella Fairy (Fiddlehead)

Bella is one of a wide range of miniature fairy garden supplies from Fiddlehead, a leading supplier of miniature fairy garden products. Designed in the USA, Fairygoodies is the European distributor.

Bob The Goblin

Bob is a 5cm tall goblin who resides in a fairy garden. He's a hardy soul who's happy to be outside all year round. Part of the Fiddlehead fairy garden range.

Dragon with Ice Cream (Fiddlehead)

7cm high dragon figurine holding ice cream- presumably to cool her mouth after a particularly hot fire breathing session...

Fairy With Basket (orange)

12cm high fairy with basket- resin fairy figurine designed for use as part of a Fiddlehead fairy garden.

Hen & 7 Chicks (Fiddlehead)

Family of 8 chickens made from resin for use in a fairy garden. Rooster stands around 3cm tall.

Mari Fairy (Fiddlehead)

Mari is one of four fairy sisters who are intended for use outside all year round as part of a fairy garden.

Miniature Mouse With Saddle

Mog is a tame mouse with a saddle, commonly used in a fairy garden for short distance transport. He's 6cm long and 4cm tall. Made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens.

Mum & Baby Dragons (Fiddlehead)

7cm high dragon holding a baby dragon in her arms- one of a range of dragons and other magical creatures from Fiddlehead fairy gardens. All products are suitable for use outside all year round.

Nick The Gnome (Fiddlehead)

Nick the Gnome is a 5.5cm high fairy garden ornament produced by Fiddlehead fairy gardens. He's made from resin and is happy outside all year round.

Owl With Butterfly (Fiddlehead)

6cm tall resin owl with a butterfly on one outstretched wing. Part of the Fiddlehead fairy garden collection, made from weatherproof resin.

Petal Fairy (Fiddlehead)

Petal fairy is one of a range from Fiddlehead Fairy Gardens and will be a lovely addition to your miniature garden. She's 3.5cm tall and happy to be placed outside or indoors.

Prowling Dragon (Fiddlehead)

Our prowling dragon loves to creep up and surprise people. He's quite a charmer really, but like most dragons he's been maligned by the stories. They're all fake news of course.

Reading Dragon (Fiddlehead)

This dragon loves to read and if it's sunny you'll see him lounging in a fairy garden somewhere with his latest book. At 7cm high he's not easily spotted, but it does help that he's bright pink.

Rosie Fairy (Fiddlehead)

Rosie is a fairy figurine designed to be used outside as part of a fairy garden. She's 3.5cm tall and scaled to fit with the Fiddlehead fairy garden range.

Shy Owl (Fiddlehead)

4cm tall shy owl made from resin for use in your fairy garden. Made by Fiddlehead USA.

Tree Sprites (Fiddlehead) 3pcs

Set of three tree sprite ornaments for a fairy garden, made by Fiddlehead from weatherproof resin.

Unicorn Foal Pick (Fiddlehead)

Our miniature unicorn foal is a very pretty little thing with shiny golden hooves and horn. She's about 5cm tall and designed to live in a fairy garden. Made by Fiddlehead fairy gardens she'll brighten up any miniature garden she's placed in!


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